With VentoryOne you have the possibility to submit documents (like Purchase Order or an invoice from freight/customs) with your supplier order.

What you need to do:

1) We start in the Purchase Orders menu. If you have not yet activated the column 'Document Slots', then go to 'Select Column' in the Purchase order overview and select 'Document Slots'.

2) The column 'Document slots' will now be added to your table. If you click on the plus symbol next to it, you can add new document slots.

3) Now give your document slot a 'Slot Name', a 'Purchase Order Category' and an 'Icon' for a better overview. Confirm with 'Add Document Slot'. In the example, we create a document slot for the freight invoice.

4) If you now click on the icon in the respective order, you can add the URL and a description there. Done. 😊

Information: We will add this function to FBA Send-Ins in the future.

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