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B2B Sales - import off-plan sales into VentoryOne - track B2B sales
B2B Sales - import off-plan sales into VentoryOne - track B2B sales

This is how you can track B2B sales.

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If you have a stationary trade store or B2B business in addition to online sales, you can import those sales into VentoryOne to calculate another sales velocity and reduce inventory accordingly.

1) Start in the menu item: SKU Database and click on Sales Sync. Settings, then on the small white arrow and then on "Import manual sales data".

2) Click on Export to download a template.

3) IMPORTANT: You can only import sales 5 days back!

Save the Excel file as a CSV file UTF8 formatted.

4) Import the CSV file. Note: At this point, no inventory has been reduced and no sales velocity is visible.

After the first import, you should see a new tab (Manual Import), where you have to make settings.

6) Now you have to define in VentoryOne from which warehouse the inventory will be reduced.

Make sure you are in the correct tab. Select the SKU and click on Batch Edit (you can also do this process for multiple SKUs).

7) The correct marketplace (Manual Import) should already be selected. Set the correct fulfillment source.

  • FBM from general cargo - *warehouse* reduces the stock in the respective warehouse when importing again.

  • Externally tracked stock means that only a sales velocity is shown to you. The stock will not be reduced with this configuration

Click on save.

8) Import your CSV file again.

9) In case the data is still not up to date or the stock was not reduced, you might have to run the synchronization in the general settings.

The more regularly you make such uploads, the more valid your sales velocity will be.


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