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FBA set up local stock (DE,IT,FR...)
FBA set up local stock (DE,IT,FR...)
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If you send stock to FBA warehouses in other countries, such as the UK or Italy, you have the option of mapping this correctly in VentoryOne. I'll show you how:

Step 1) Go to the SKU database (1) and then to "Sales Sync. Settings" (2). Here you first activate the column "Only local FBA stock" (3). In the column you can check in the future whether the option for tracking local stock has already been activated for the respective marketplace. Now you can select the corresponding SKU (4) and click on "Edit Fulfillment Source" (5).

Step 2) After clicking on "Edit Fulfillment Source", you can now select the following settings:

  1. Select the marketplace (the marketplaces must be set individually)

  2. Activate local stock

  3. Set the fulfillment source to match the marketplace. e.g. =

4. Do not forget to click on "Save"!

As soon as the settings have been saved, it is displayed accordingly in the Current stock in the "FBA stock" column.

5. to finally update the data, you may need to refresh the cache.

6. To synchronize the FBA stock, proceed as follows:


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