In the following article we will show you the import of stock with a CSV file.

1) Start in the menu "Purchase Order" and click on "+ Create new".

2) You can name your "Order/stock Import" and define the corresponding warehouse where the stock are located or should be booked in.

Information: Use the note function, for example, to note the payment agreements or other important information. This will show you a small gray icon to the right of the name in the Purchase Order. If you hover with the mouse over the sheet symbol, the note will appear.

3) After that, click on "CSV Import/Export" in the upper right corner and download an Excel template.

4) Open the Excel and enter your data as follows:

Finally, save the table as a CSV-UTF-8 (delimited) file.

5) Choose File and Import your CSV file:

After you have imported the CSV, you will get a notification whether your import was successful or not. Make a note of the error message to find out what you need to correct in our help center.

Your order should now look like this:

6) To book your import to inventory, set the order from "Planned" to "Received". Done. You have successfully booked your stock.

7) Go to the menu "Current stock" and update VentoryOne:

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