The individualization of your shipping labels is made via the email template settings in your respective warehouse.

Proceed as follows:

1) We start in the warehouse manager.

There you click on 'Settings' of the respective warehouse.

2) Click on the gray 'Manage' field next to 'Email Settings'.

3) Here you can select the email template you want to manage or create a new template.

4) You are now in the 'Edit FBA Send-In E-Mail Template' tab. Scroll down to 'Customize Printing on Shipping Label'.

5) Here you will find a number of placeholders. Each placeholder stands for a category e.g. SKU, color, number of cartons etc.. Find the placeholders you want to print on your shipping label and write them in the line 'What should be printed on your carton labels?'. If you want to have everything neatly under each other, separate the placeholders as in the example with *|NEW_LINE|* .

6) Just confirm with 'Save' and your shipping labels are customized.

Information: If you want to preview this setting, put your email in the recipient field and make a proper FBA Send-Ins with VentoryOne. You can cancel the Send-In in VentoryOne again so that the delivery schedule is cancelled in SellerCentral.

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