In this article, I'll explain how the division of items in the delivery schedules is determined:

The FBA Send-In Name, which you define for each warehouse or manual FBA Send-Ins, affects the split of the delivery schedules.

You can edit the Send-In name of your warehouses as follows:

1) Start in the menu Warehouse Manager and click on the settings of the respective warehouse.

2) Now click on "Manage" of "Email Template" and then click on the template you want to edit.

3) In the bottom tab: "Custom Naming and Grouping of Amazon Send-Ins" you can define the FBA Send-In name accordingly. Use placeholders or static text for this:

Do not forget to save.

Information: The division of delivery schedules is partly determined by Amazon. It can therefore happen that the delivery quantity of an item is distributed in two different delivery schedules. For example, the cartons are divided between two FBA warehouses.

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