In this article you will learn everything about the European stock management with VentoryOne.

Part 1) Create warehouse / add country codes

Part 2) FBA SKU assignments

Part 3) Create FBA shipment

Part 1) Create warehouse / add country codes

1) First of all, you should create the appropriate warehouses. You can also define in which country the respective warehouse is located. Start in the menu item "Warehouse Management" and click on "+ Add" to create a new warehouse.

2) Set the name for the warehouse: Example: "Warehouse UK". You can choose "UPS" for the "Standard transport type". (Not DHL)

3) In the "Sender Address" you define the region of your warehouse.

country codes:
GB = Great Britain
DE = Germany
IT = Italy
ES = Spain
FR = France

4) Finally, manage your email template for the warehouse and click "Save".

5) In order to make an FBA Send-Ins from this warehouse, you must first book stock into the warehouse.

Part 2) FBA SKU assignments

1) These settings are necessary if you supply .fr / .it / .es or separately for the Amazon FBA program in addition to To do this, go to the SKU database and click on the "Sales Sync. Settings". In the respective tabs "" "" ... you have to determine the fulfillment source for your SKUs.

In the example shown below, the flip-flops is also stored at Amazon in France.

2) To do this, select the SKU, click on "Batch Edit" (1), select the marketplace (2) and specify the fulfillment source (3).

For PAN-EU you don't have to make any settings here. All sales and stocks are displayed on the German SKU.

3) In the menu item "Current stock" it is now displayed as follows: (Activate the column

"FBA Source")

Part 3) Create FBA Send-Ins

1) Now you can start an FBA submission: Start in the menu item "FBA Submission" and click on "Create from Scratch":

Info: With "Create Suggested" you can click on the flag in the respective line to make a shipment to an FBA warehouse in the respective country.

2) After clicking "Create from Scratch", name the FBA shipment, select the source warehouse, the FBA destination marketplace and the mode of transport.

3) In our example we add mixed cartons due to returned goods. Note that only SKUs with "" selected as "FBA source" will be displayed.

4) When you have added all the necessary SKUs and determined the quantity, click "Commit Send-In":

Info: The shipment will not be submitted to Amazon yet. No submission will be created in SellerCentral.

5) To submit the shipment to Amazon, click "Create in Amazon".

Done. The shipping labels were sent to the respective logistics center.

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