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Set up/connect Shopify access - Shopify FBM/FBA SKU mapping
Set up/connect Shopify access - Shopify FBM/FBA SKU mapping

How to connect Shopify and setup Shopify FBA/FBM SKUs

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Step 1 - Generate API Key at Shopify

  • Go to Settings >> Shopify Apps >> Develop apps

  • After accepting all license agreements, click on "create app".

  • Name it "VentoryOne".

  • In the overview, click on "Configure Admin API scopes".

  • Edit these two API access scopes

a) order: read_order_edits

b) Inventory: write_inventory


Do not forget to save before continuing!

  • Next go to "API credentials" and click on "Install App".

  • Now you can either copy the API access token or the API key and Password which would be shown below the API access token.

  • Lastly you can switch to VentoryOne and go to Settings/API Access and enter your credentials to finalize the setup.

Step 2 - Synchronize sales figures

Step 3 - Select SKUs and adjust settings

1) SKU database

2) Sales Sync. Settings

3) Select the respective SKU

4) Click on Batch Edit

5) Select your marketplace (Shopify) and choose your fulfillment source

With this setting, the Shopify sales of the selected SKUs are added to the sales via Amazon and taken into account in reach calculations, among other things.

Step 4 - Show multi-channel column in the overview

  • Select "Multi-Channel Sales" in the menu item "Current Inventory"

  • Click on the Shopify sales to view your sales in detail.

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