1) Change currency at supplier level

2) Change currency on supplier order

1) To change the currency for your supplier templates, you will have to edit the information of your suppliers.

Step 1) We start in our Dashboard and scroll down to the "Suggested Re-Orders" window. Here we choose the supplier whose currency we want to change (1).

Step 2) In the next window we go the settings Symbol (1).

Step 3) Click on "Manage" (1) and choose the supplier again (2). Here you also can see what standard currency is set up at the moment.

Step 4) We click on the "Purchase Currency" field (1) and write whatever currency we want to change it to. Make sure to use valid currency codes. For example:

  • USD

  • EUR

  • CNY (Yuan)

  • RMB

Do not forget to save after editing (2)!

2) Change currency on supplier order

Step 1) Go into a purchase order you already created or create a new one. Click on "Export Invoice" (1).

Step 2) Same as before: Change currency (1) and do not forget to click on save (2).


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