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Connect Bilbee API to VentoryOne / Ebay API
Connect Bilbee API to VentoryOne / Ebay API

How to connect and setup your Billbee Account with VentoryOne

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Step 1)

  • Open your Bilbee account and go to Settings (1) >> Bilbee API (2)

  • Put in your preferred password for API (1), activate (2) and save it (3).

  • Now you can go back to VentoryOne >> Settings >> API Acess and there you can put in your credentials for your Bilbee Email and your API password.

Do not forget to save! πŸ˜‰

Step 2)

Next we have to change the fulfillment source of our FBA/FBM SKU. To do that, we go to "SKU Database" (1), click on the right on "Sales Sync. Settings" (2) and next on "[your Bilbee channel]" (3). Now we are ready to choose our Billbee SKU and in our example, map our FBM SKU to the FBA SKU (4).

After checking we chose the right SKUs, we click on "Batch edit" to select our Fullfilment source (5).

A new window should pop up and our Billbee Marketplace we clicked on before, should already be selected (1). All that is left is pick our warehouse/fulfillment source (2) and proceed with saving (3).

Step 3)

Finally we can go back to "Current Stock" (1), activate the "Multi-Channel-Sales" column (2) and update the data by pressing the button in the right upper corner.

Now we should be able to see the sales of our Billbee SKU and view the detailed overview by clicking on the numbers (3).

Finished! πŸ˜‰

Important note: You can access data older than 90 days with Billbee. So if you want to connect to eBay, you can do it directly or via Billbee. However, if you connect directly to eBay, you can only use data from the last 90 days.

Also make sure that you have not created more than one stock in Billbee. Otherwise the stock can not be synchronized correctly.

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