Part 1) How to convert plain cartons into loose stock

Part 2) How to convert loose stock into plain cartons

Part 1)

There are multiple ways to convert plain cartons into loose stock. One way would be to make an FBA send in, but the easiest way should be over the current stock.

Step 1) Go to your current stock and choose which SKUs should be converted into loose stock (You can still add/delete other SKUs in the process ahead so its ok if you forget some).

Step 2) Click on "Actions" and "Convert Cartons to Loose Stock". Now you should be able to pick the warehouse the stock is in.

Step 3) Add the number of cartons you want to convert (the pieces inside should be your standard amount inside a carton), click save and proceed with "Commit Conversion".

Step 4) If you succeeded, you should be able to view your conversion if you go to Warehouse Manager/Current Inventory/Loose Stock Transaction Log.

Part 2)

The process of conversing loose stock into plain cartons is very much similar as in part 1.

Step 1) Start again in "Current stock". Pick your SKUs you want to convert loose stock from and click on "Sent to FBA" and "Convert Loose Stock to Plain Catons for FBA Send-In". Do not worry, this will not send anything automatically to FBA warehouse or Amazon. Do not forget to choose your warehouse.

Step 2) In the screenshot below you can see how much loose stock you have (1), how much you choose to convert in total (2), pieces in each carton (3) and the carton amount (4). After you put in the numbers you want in (3) and (4), click on "Save changes" (5). You also have the option to export, edit and import the SKUs via the "CSV Import/Export" button (6).

After everything is done, you push the "Planned" button (7) and pick "converted". Now you have converted loose stock into plain cartons.

In case you want to do it later you can leave it at "Planned" and find the planned conversion (3) under "purchase orders" (1) / "Stock Conversion" (2).

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