In this article I will show you how to combine multiple SKUs to one SKU/ASIN.

This can be the case if you have for example one FBA SKU and in Shopify or in Billbee the SKU is called differently. In this case, you will need to associate the Shopify/Billbee SKU with the FBA SKU.

IMPORTANT: In each of the tabs below, all SKUs are listed, regardless of whether the SKUs exist in the respective channel or not.

The assignment must be done in each or the corresponding channels (except,it,es,co.... ).

If you have already connected Billbee and you do not see a Billbee tab, it is because there are no sales figures.

1) Start in the menu "SKU Database"

2) Click on "SKU Assignments"

3) Activate the column "Mapped to"

4) In the column "Mapped to" you can now assign several SKUs to another SKU.


You can also create the mapping for many SKUs with a CSV file.

The assignment is also very simple via CSV file. Execute the upload for the respective tabs.

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