"Inconsistent Amazon report data for this SKU. This usually means that Amazon internally uses a different / incorrect SKU to tack the FBA stock of this SKU."

"Inconsistent data in the Amazon report for this SKU.

This usually means that Amazon uses a different SKU internally in some cases to log the inventory of this SKU.

VentoryOne will therefore not add this data for further calculations."

The reasons are usually:

1) Your Amazon FBA Stock history report is flawed. This is usually cause by internal Amazon database issues. We determine this by checking if you had sales during time periods when you should have been out of stock according to the Amazon report

2) You have remapped e.g. another FBM SKU to this SKU. In that case, we automatically turn off the OOS correction, because it could lead to very wrong numbers. E.g. in cases when you had sales through FBM, but were OOS on FBA.

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