If your current stock (inventory) is not visible, an extension (ad blocker, Darkreader or VPN) may be the problem.

In this example we will show you a simple solution using the extension 'uBlock'.

If the 'uBlock' extension is activated, VentoryOne must be set as an exception there.

1) Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser. A drop-down list will open. There you click on 'More tools' and then on 'Extensions'.

2) An overview of your extensions in this browser will now open. Here you click on 'Details' for the 'uBlock' extension.

3) To add VentoryOne as an exception, click on the 'Extension Options' field.

4) After clicking on 'Extension Options', go to the 'Trusted sites' tab. There you add the website where the problem exists. In our case this would be: https://app.ventory.one/current_stock_overview/

Click on the next free line in the sheet. In the example this would be line 9. There you insert the link. Then confirm your entry with 'Apply changes'. You can also delete the web page in the same way.

5) Now your current stock overview is visible again. Refresh the web page once and everything is back where it belongs. 😊

Information: If you are using a different add blocker, darkreader, VPN or browser, you could also look in the extensions to see if that could be the problem.

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