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Q&A / Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions around VentoryOne

Where is my new SKU? - I can't find my SKU / SKU can't be found - new SKU created
How do the "Weighted Sales behave during Out-Of-Stock phases?
Available webshop connections/interfaces/data synchronization between VentoryOne and third-party providers
Current stock (inventory) overview not visible/disappeared (uBlock, Ad blocker, VPN) - No SKUs in current stock/inventory
How long does it take to sync data with Amazon? Topic: Updating data in VentoryOne from SellerCentral - data synchronization
SKUs that are deleted on Amazon are not deleted in VentoryOne?
How is the average landed cost (average cost price) [EUR / PCS] calculated? Capital commitment in stock / average price.
FBA stock - fulfillable stock - inbound stock - reserved stock
How many FBA Send-ins can be created per hour?
Green digits/numbers next to the FBA inventory
What do we mean by transportation type "other" in FBA Send-Ins?
Naming of Amazon shipments / FBA - Send In Name not as specified / Title FBA shipment
When will sales data (sales number) be adjusted/imported/updated in VentoryOne?
Add multiple recipients to the emails
Are the goods automatically booked out in the case of an FBA shipment?
If I modify a shipment in Amazon afterwards, e.g. reduce the quantity sent in, is this data then read into VentoryOne and adjusted?
Decimal places or decimal numbers for carton dimensions and weight
Separate paragraph for each information on the DHL / UPS shipping labels (not side by side).
Why does my SKU not appear in FBA send-ins? - No stock shown for FBA Send-in - Cant pick SKU for send-In
Welche Marktplätze kann ich anbinden?
DPD FBA Send-ins | DPD FBA Shipments | DPD Carrier Shipping Charges