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Book loose stock in the warehouse and create FBA shipments
Book loose stock in the warehouse and create FBA shipments

How you work with loose stock

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In this article we will show you how to manage loose stock with VentoryOne.

First you have to book your loose stock to inventory:

1) Start in the menu item "Supplier order" and click on "Create new".

2) Give your order a name and click on "Create".

3) Then "add loose stock item" to your order:

Important: The carton dimensions refer to the product dimensions in the "piece goods" process. The number of cartons defines the number of pieces of the piece goods. Of course, "pcs. / carton" cannot be edited in this case.

4) Enter your number of pieces in "Ctn. QTY" and set the order to "Received". Now you have successfully booked loose stock into your warehouse.

If your loose stock has been successfully booked, you can create an FBA shipment with loose stock. You can trigger shipments with the menu item "FBA shipment" or with "Current inventory":

5) Start in the menu item "FBA Send-ins", click on the arrow at "Create suggested" on the right and select "Use mixed carton configurator - Source from loose stock".

6 a) Automatically, your recommended sending quantity will be created.

6 b) Manually created send-in quantity: Click on the arrow: In this step, you can either create single-sort cartons from your piece goods or you can create mixed cartons. In our example we create a mixed carton with different SKUs. (continued in step 7)

6 c) Alternative and proven are FBA shipments from the Current Stock. Start in the menu item "Current Stock" and mark your SKUs that have a "rec. FBA shipment". Click on "Actions" and finally on "Use mixed box configurator for selected SKUs. n (obtain from loose stock)" (step 7 can be skipped).

7) Add (more) SKUs to your mixed box.

8) Finally, you can create an FBA submission from the order. Click on "Actions" and "Send entire remaining order to Amazon FBA".

9) Now you are automatically back in the FBA submission: click on Confirm Shipment and then on "Create in Amz.".

Ready :)

You can export a packing list via "Export".

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