1) Via Excel upload

2) Mark and edit articles

Via Excel Upload

1) Start in the menu SKU Database and click on "CSV Import / Export".

2) Export the Excel and open it.

3) In this Excel you can make a variety of settings.

For example:

  • Inventory target ranges

  • Standard carton dimensions

  • Weighting of sales

  • Product type and category

and many more.

Also the settings in the menu "Current stock", which you can find at "Edit SKU data".

4) Save the excel file formatted as .CSV Utf8 and upload it.

5) Done. Update the cache in the upper right corner if necessary.

If the upload fails with up to 500 lines, reduce the file to less lines.

Marking and editing articles

1) In the "Current stock" you can mark and edit several articles:

2) Any field in which you now enter a value will be overwritten.

3) Press Save / Enter. Done.

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