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An error has occurred/FBA Send in error
An error has occurred/FBA Send in error
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​"An error has occurred.

It usually means that an attempt was made to send in more cartons than were available in stock.

We recommend deleting this shipment and trying again."

This error message can occur if you reset stocks and then set them to 'Received' even though you have worked with these stocks in the past, or the conversion of stocks from loose stocks to cartons is incorrect.

You can perform the following steps to solve the problem. There are different approaches to solve the problem, so let's start with the easiest one.

1. please delete this FBA Send-in

2. create the FBA Send-Ins once again from scratch

If that doesn't help...

1. please delete this Send-in

2. set the stock you want to send from "Received" back to "Planned" and then back to "Received". (For stock conversions, please do the same)

3. try again to make a Send In.

If that doesn't help... (This process works in any case)

1. delete this stock and re-post the stock with a new Purchase Order.

2. make another Send In.

Tip: Don't just reset the stock, make a proper stock correction. You can find out how to do this in this tutorial:

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