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Purchase Order Volume Scaling / Container Fill
Purchase Order Volume Scaling / Container Fill

How to scale the order by volume using the supplier template.

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Step 1) Go to your dashboard and select your suggested reorder (you must have already created a vendor template for this).

Step 2) In the reorder template, you should first select the column "Manual ctn. number adjustment" (1). When scaling, the numbers in this column will be adjusted. Please also note your current volume (2). Now you can click on the button "Scale order" (3).

Step 3) The scaling is distributed evenly over all SKUs (where the box dimensions are stored). The margin of error here is +/- 5%. Don't worry, if you want to order more of certain items, you will be able to do that in the next steps. Now enter your desired volume and press "Scale".

Step 4) The next step is to click on the small arrow next to "Schedule order" (1) and select "Generate supplier order from manually adjusted carton quantity" (2).

Step 5) In the following window you can now make all necessary changes to the number of planned/scaled quantity (1).

Note: if you change the number of boxes here, the volume will also change (cbm).

If everything fits, click on "Save changes" at the top (2) and then you can select a suitable status of the order if needed (3).

Keywords: cbm, supplier template, cubic meter, m3, shipment

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