Depending on the situation, your SKU may be "hiding" in different product categories or may not even be activated within VentoryOne.

1) First check if your SKU is activated. Go to the SKU database and search for the SKU in the respective tabs: "Active SKUs" "New SKUs" "Deactivated SKUs".

Activate the SKU if necessary.

2) If you can't find your SKU in all three tabs, you need to start the synchronizing with Amazon / Shopify / Billbee again. (Check the connection of the API interface if necessary). Go to VentoryOne settings and trigger the synchronizations.

Wait a bit and repeat step 1.

3) Now your SKU is activated and you can find your SKU in the current inventory. Probably in the category "No category".

Important: If necessary, refresh the cache of the respective pages!

If not, click on the tab "All" and search for your SKU.

Now you should be able to view your new SKUs.

Assign your SKUs to the respective product categories.


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