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Current stock: duplicated SKUs
Current stock: duplicated SKUs

Why some SKUs are displayed twice.

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The reason why a SKU can be displayed twice (1), is due to different FBA sources. To check what FBA source your SKU has, you go to "Current Stock" >> "Columns" (2) and activate the FBA source column.

In case you dont have different FBA sources, you should change it to your main source. Proceed as follows:

After activating the "FBA source" column (1), we can see that our SKU has multiple FBA stock sources. One of them is ".fr" (france).

To change that, we go to "SKU Database" (1), then to "Sales Sync. Settings" (2) and click on "" (3). From hereon, we can choose the SKU (4), and proceed with "Batch edit" (5) to change the "" fulfillment source to ""

Make sure you chose the right marketplace you want to edit (1). Pick the preferred fulfillment source (2). In our case it would be "". And do not forget to save the changes (3)!

These settings mean, that you have all your SKUs delivered to and other marketplaces get stock from (This is also how you setup VentoryOne if you are working with PanEU). If your other marketplaces sell them locally, you change the source accordingly. For example you select "" marketplace and change the fulfillment source to "".

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