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FBA Send-In with the mixed carton configurator - submit mixed carton.
FBA Send-In with the mixed carton configurator - submit mixed carton.

This is how you can make loose stock shipments with the Mixed Carton Configurator

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With the mixed carton configurator, you can either enter new stock as a mixed carton or create a mixed carton from already entered loose stock.

A) Book mixed cartons

B) Get mixed carton from loose stock

A) Book mixed cartons

There are several ways to book a mixed carton to inventory.

1) Start in the FBA Send-Ins menu and click on the small arrow to the right of "Create Automatically". Then select the mixed carton configurator.

Important information: To create a FBA Send-In with loose stock, the individual mixed cartons must be entered in your warehouse. By clicking on "Use mixed carton configurator" you automatically switch to the menu item "Purchase order". Here, the mixed box is first booked to stock.


Start in the menu "Purchase Order" and create a Purchase Order.

Add for a mixed carton.

2) VentoryOne will assemble the mixed cartons for you based on the recommended FBA Send-Ins and product sizes. The respective packaging of the cartons is calculated in such a way that you make the best possible use of the carton volume or weight. See screenshot:

3) You can edit any of these cartons. Just make sure that changed carton dimensions are not taken into account in the volume calculation (the blue bar on the right). How to change the standard carton dimensions, you can read here:

Changes in "PCS/ carton" are taken into account in the (standard) volume calculations in real time.

4) If you cannot add the desired SKUs to your mixed carton configurator, please read the following article:

5) Finally, we set the Purchase Order to "Received" in the upper left corner next to the order name.

Now your Purchase Order has been created and you can find the individual mixed cartons in your warehouse "XY".

6) Now it's just a few clicks to FBA Send-Ins: Select menu "FBA Send-Ins" / "+ Create from Scratch" / "Create / "+ Add SKUs".

Select and add all created mixed cartons.

"Commit Send In" + "Create in AMZ". Done!

B) Get mixed carton from loose stock

1) Start in the menu "FBA Send-Ins", click on the small arrow and then on "Use Mixed Carton Configurator - Source from Loose Stock".


Start at the "Current Stock" menu and highlight the items you want to send in. Then click on "Send to FBA" and "Use mixed carton configurator for selected SKUs (source from loose stock)".

2) Now you are in a conversion where the loose stock is first converted to carton.

3) You can add more cartons or edit your recommended quantities.

4) To book the conversion to inventory, you need to change the conversion to "Converted". To turn the conversion into an FBA Send-In, click on "Actions" and then on "Send all packed cartons to Amazon FBA".

Complete the submission accordingly.


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