Here you will learn how to book your first stock in your warehouse. The warehouse can be a logistics service provider, your company warehouse or even your basement. You define this yourself when creating your warehouse.

Different warehouses are advantageous e.g. for the returns management.

1) Start in the menu: Purchase Order and click on "+ Create new".

2) Define your order name. This shows you what kind of order or booking it is: retoure / b-ware / Purchase Order...

Also define the warehouse for your booking/order.

All other items are optional.

3) Now there are three ways to add stock:

  • CSV import

  • Adding plain carton

  • Adding mixed cartons

We choose a mixed carton, because it's a retoure.

4) Add your SKUs to your mixed carton. Define the size of the carton and the number of products you want to book.

5) Finally, set the "Purchase Order" to "Received".

Now your returns / stock is booked in your warehouse.

Information: Via "Actions" we would now perform a Purchase Order. Thereby all necessary documents are created and sent via email. There is a video about this here:

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