To display the average landed cost price of the stock, activate the column "Avg. landed cost [EUR/pc]" in the column configuration.

The FBA stock and the stock in the Pre-FBA warehouse have separate average prices. As of now, the stock in the Amazon warehouse is also calculated according to the FIFO principle.

The average landed cost in EUR per pc. in the Pre-FBA Warehouse is calculated from the stored cost prices, in the Purchase Orders. Only those Purchase Orders from which goods are still booked in the Pre-FBA warehouse are taken into account.

Ordered stock are not taken into account, because it is impossible to know exactly how much the stock will cost at the current time.

FBA stock is calculated from the last Send-Ins made with VentoryOne. It takes into account from which Purchase Order these stock were obtained.

If an FBA stock is composed of two different Purchase Orders, it is calculated as follows.

FBA stock 100

50 pieces from delivery1 (PCS = 2 / pcs.)

50 pieces from delivery2 (EP = 1 / PCS)

(50 * 2 + 50 * 1) / 100 = 1,5- €

Average landed cost = 1,5- €

FBA stock 80

30 pieces from delivery1 (PCS = 2 / pcs.)

50 pieces from delivery2 (EP = 1 / PCS)

(30 * 2 + 50 * 1) / 80 = 1,375- €

Average landed cost = 1,375- €

If no price has been entered, the average price from your pre-FBA warehouse will be taken into account.

Important information:

If the stock is booked as loose stock, the landed cost is not taken into account.

Loose stock is currently modeled as "everything comes together".

As a result, it is no longer possible to assign exactly which pieces come from which batches. Therefore, the information of the individual batches is no longer stored or added to the calculation.

In your case, the landed cost of the loose stock is therefore evaluated on the basis of the last order received.

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