1) Start in the menu "SKU Database" and click on "CSV Import/Export".

2) Open the downloaded excel sheet.

3) Scroll to the column "Manual FBA Inbound Stock Correction - amazon.de". You can enter negative and positive values.

In German the column is called:

Manual FBA Inbound Stock Correction - amazon.(de)

Important Note: If you want to pre-post your Purchase Order, export your PO and add the quantities according to your SKUs.

4) Save the Excel as a CSV file (UTF 8). If necessary, delete the Excel sheet "New SKUs" before to be able to save the CSV accordingly.

5) Select the CSV file with "Browse" and press "Import SKU data".

6) The manual correction will be displayed in your FBA inventory.

Important note: FBA stock cannot be less than 0. Negative stock corrections only affect the incoming stock. Positive corrections, on the other hand, are always added.

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