In the following article I will show you how to track your FBM sales with VentoryOne. In addition, you will learn how to connect multiple SKUs with one ASIN.

1) Start in the menu item "SKU Database" (1) and go to "Sales Sync. Settings" (2). There you can choose your FBM SKUs (3) and click on "Batch Edit" (4).

2) A new window should pop up where you can map the SKUs. In our example we are selling our FBM SKU on So we click on (1) and choose our FBM warehouse with loose stock (2). In this case it is "FBM from Loose Stock - FulShipment". Do not forget to click on "Save" (3).

3) Lastly we assign the FBM SKU to the FBA SKU. In our case the item "NTZBLCK01 FBM" should be mapped to "NTZBLCK 01". You can do it by clicking it on the notepad symbol in the "Mapped to" column.

4) Finally we can go back to our Current stock (1), update the data (2) and activate the Multi-Channel Sales column (3). Now you should be able to see your FBM sales in the MCS column (4) and view it in more detail by clicking on the number in the "Weighted Sales" column (4).

Keywords: FBM, Ebay, Shopify, Sales, Multi-Channel, Webshop

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