In this article I'll show you how to group your SKUs and put them into product categories. This is not only recommended for a better overview, but also for a better system performance with a lot of SKUs (>300).

1) To group the products accordingly, go to the menu " SKU Database" and activate the column "Product type".

2) You can enter any term in this field. It is important that the term is uniform. This way the items will be grouped later. Do not forget to save.

3) In menu: "Current stock" you click on "Adjust grouping", "By product type" and "Save current grouping". Now your SKUs are displayed in groups. You can also expand and collapse these groups.

4) To improve the performance and also for a better overview with a lot of SKUs, you should create product categories. Mark all items that belong to a different product portfolio, for example.

(You can also use this function to sort the SKUs by supplier).

After that click on "Actions" and then on "Batch edit the selected SKUs".

5) Enter the category under "Overview category". Click on Save at the bottom.

6) Now you have created an overview category.

Information: You can always edit multiple settings of selected SKUs using the "Actions" and "Batch edit selected SKUs" function. You overwrite each field in which you enter something.

Keywords: Categories/Categorize, parent/child, SKU groups, Current Stock overview

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