Error: You must include a valid ShipmentID with a call to the CreatelnboundShinment operation. Get ShipmentID values by calling the CreatelnboundShipmentPlan oneration.

The reguest to CreatelnboundShioment must include only items and quantities that have been previously planned through CreatelnboundShipmentPlan. If a ShipmentID is not used to create a shipment within 48 hours it will expire.

This error occurs when Amazon wants to divide the shipments into different warehouses and does not want to accept the quantity for a shipment because it differs too much from Amazon's desired quantity due to rounding to full cartons

The division is often made on a percentage basis, e.g. always 10% dispatch center A and 90% dispatch center B.

However, since the goods are already packed in cartons, VentoryOne rounds up to whole cartons in this split.

A possible workaround would be to deliberately send in significantly more than necessary and, after Amazon has split the shipment, to immediately cancel the new, split shipment so that, as in this example, only the 90% shipment to shipping center B remains.

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